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Assist Schools, (a.k.a. EduServe, Inc.) is focused on assisting Public, Private, Charter, and Independent Schools manage their student information so that... Learn More
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Meeting all your district, state, and federal information needs can be a daunting task, especially given that those needs may be a moving target. In some situations, it doesn’t make sense to hire and train dedicated personnel. Assist Schools can fill that gap.

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Skilled in Oracle PL/SQL, we have the tools and experience to analyze your data when unexpected results are return. We can track down data integrity issues, as well as sift through its complexity for pin-point data mining desired results.

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We are very adept at helping you resolve any issues that you may encounter with PowerSchool. We specialize in day-to-day issues as well as demanding topics such as • Scheduling • Import/Export • Attendance Reconciliation • Grades, GPA, Transcripts, Report Cards • End of Year. Our customers have direct access to the uppermost tier of support.

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Using your SIS efficiently will reduce the need for support and lead to a more satisfying experience.

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We offer a number of customizations for PowerSchool: • Enterprise (a.k.a. “APEX”) reporting with the ability to use a saved selection of students • Custom web pages • Custom reports • PowerQueries (useful for custom or scheduled exports to 3rd party systems or Excel). See our Portfolio section for our growing list of samples.

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A Sampling of Our Typical Projects

  • Individual Exit Report

    Student Exit Report

  • Student Info for Teachers

  • Custom Reports & Queries

  • Data Mining & Visualization

  • Training

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Giving Students and Parents More Information

In order to make proper decisions, we need an information balance of quantity and quality. PowerSchool offers Students and Parents a limited field of vision when it comes to seeing the data relevant to them. Information such as test scores or discipline that impact school decisions remain obscured until an on-site meeting is scheduled. Our…

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Enterprise Reports

PowerSchool supports Oracle’s APEX (“Application Express”) reporting, calling it “Enterprise Reporting“. It allows for an alternative to Object Reports for a district’s custom report needs. Pictured above is a sample Student Attendance Details report that we created. It displays Student attendance/ADA information, grouped by grade level for a selected school. Using some other techniques developed…

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ALERT: Self-Hosted SIS Server Hacked

A Strategy for Self-hosted SIS Servers Recently, a customer reported having their SIS server hacked; the server was encrypted with ransomware, effectively preventing them from accessing their SIS. Initial analysis has provided two key points: -1- Their firewall and security software were up to date, yet failed to prevent a success attack. -2- Their latest, off-line…

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